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Recall dear reader, that Comrade Adams leads solely a research project to study the works of A.A. Ponurovsky to create a fundamentally new and, at the same time, simple devices producing heat, cold, energy and fast pyrolysis.

If we take for granted the accuracy of information held in the public domain, containing the description of the following inventions:

• «Method and device producing cold»

• «How to use hydrocarbon fuels in internal combustion engines and for its application device»

• «Method of exhaust gas recycling and device for its implementation»

… then the energy revolution is over, at the same time all issues related to the human environment, the shortage of water and the vital areas for living is resolved. The fate of many great inventors and designers is unthankful, and their work is recognized and used over the years.

The revolutionary ideas are their way in stages: first you need to break the wall of misunderstanding (explanation of the new entity), followed by taming a device or mechanism (prototype) and finally – mass application. In the case of ideas of Ponurovsky the situation is sad and suspicious - a complete disregard for both the author and his inventions. Let us consider a summary of its scientific and technological breakthrough:

There is a universal law of interaction of different temperatures explosive substances heterogeneous condition with the release of energy.

First embodiment is well known to us as an explosion or detonation of the air-fuel mixture. But there is a big "BUT". Our friend and comrade Alexei, regardless of academic monument to the constant – a calorific value of the fuel – says that from one and the same amount of fuel and air one can get arbitrarily large amount of energy, if apply the following conditions: improve the speed of combining the preheated fuel with compressed and cooled air, thereby increasing the rate of reaction of interaction.

Multiple saving is declared by comrade Arakelian from the already built facility where superheated water-fuel mixture (high-temperature synthesis gas) is supplied to the input of the burner with a blower. Following the requirements of Ponurovsky, Comrade Adams has created a simple scrappage furnace where, due to a high-speed vortex boost, has received an incandescent lamp mode, which provides a fast pyrolysis of waste and wet organics with simultaneous combustion of gases produced.

Video: "The Adam furnace - Vladimirovich Lamp."

Tenfold or more economy is assumed in the description of the invention "Method of use of hydrocarbon fuels in internal combustion engines and the device for its application", where all the above conditions for maximum energy output by reacting superheated fuel compressed and cooled air from a separate tank were created.

Read more here: «Diesel in Russian style – Ponurovsky cycle..

The second option is unknown to anyone , and I have taken the courage, presenting in the article "Cold in Russian style. Cold rotor Adam" own version of the application and have sounded this law as the "discovery of the century", as it opens the door to the fuel-free power generation facilitating production of energy, cooling and drinking water in one simple process – atomization of hot water in a compressed environment of supercooled air, the result of which is nearly complete dissociation of water with release of huge amount of cold and hydrogen-oxygen mixture as exhaust gas.

The third embodiment is described in the invention "Method of exhaust gas recycling and device for its implementation." The same pattern of interaction of substances at different temperature conditions is implemented, but this time cold water (saturated with carbon dioxide) is combined with the hot exhaust gases, which, in the presence of carbon dioxide, water vapor and atmospheric nitrogen, leads again to the dissociation of the water and production of a fuel mixture, which is forwarded to the input of the internal combustion engine.

The above described allows engineering of new devices in the field of engine, heat generators, power generators and pyrolysis units with qualitatively different specifications.

We will look at the idea of universal flamethrower, which runs on natural gas and at the same time produces a fast destruction of solid waste and wet organic and obtains the power of the flame exceeding several times the capacity of gas spent, due to the combustion of the generated gas. This device, simple and inexpensive, will find its application in autonomous energy generations, greenhouses, water desalination ensuring simultaneous recycling and utilization of the wet, cheap, almost gratuitous, fuel in the energy turnover cycle.

The idea and design of "Adam flamethrower" are the forced version of the "Tower of Adam", described in the article "Waste perpetuum" ("Rustic pyrolysis"), where the keynote was a clear premise: if cheaply, quickly, locally and profitably produce pyrolysis of solid waste and all organic (silt, peat, seaweed, sawdust), instead of the big garbage problem, we would obtain a new energy-efficient and cost-effective industry - environmentally friendly waste processing, integrated into economic activity, thereby ensuring nature-like cycling of matter, energy and water, combined with the production, where there is a need for warm, and there is waste. In order the novelty of the solution is properly assimilated let’s jump back to the first part - the ultra-efficient combustion.

Multiple increase of the efficiency of engines and heat generators will lead to the rapid growth of the economy through the engagement of the remote, cold areas in economic activities; the cost of transport and utility costs will reduce significantly. These laurels belong to the Soviet engineer Ponurovsky by right; as for me, I am eager to finish another venture – to turn the garbage, peat and any organic material into valuable energy raw materials. Given my craving for the powerful structures and dynamic systems, the idea of "ultra burner" – the universal energy gun – can and should be considered as my call.

The design has incorporated the following knowledge and at the same has remained slim, avoiding burdening with complex electronics and complicated mechanical assemblies:

1. Burning can be boosted multiple of, if overheated fuel and compressed, cooled air are combined properly.

2. The pulse detonation combustion is perfect for such tasks. By definition, it corresponds to the conditions of ultra-efficient combustion on the recommendations of Ponurovsky (no excess pressure, this problem will be solved separately) - fresh air streams at great speed and frequency to the combustion chamber and is combined with the superheated fuel (heating fuel pipe) and in a self-oscillating mode, generates a shock wave, and the body emits a powerful heat. These three elements: radiation, shock waves and superheated water vapor in the exhaust gases we shall apply to speed pyrolysis.

3. Steam generators are more reliable, more durable, and do not smoke. For economical production of steam it is suggested to use a method of steam production described (and practically proven by Adamov) in Ladislao invention ("Method of thermal energy"). Another interesting option is offered by Turbocon as well – "Wheel of Heron in Russian."

4. The combination of clean and powerful combustion, combined with fast pyrolysis and a steam generator – the best solution for independent power generation. We will always have hot and clean technical water: greenhouse for Russians; water desalination for Arabs.

5. A combination as a fuel of the cheapest and the best fuel – methane from the trash and almost gratuitous river mud, peat and other plant materials – will result in a super cheap heat with the opportunity to build various cogeneration units.

The figure shows a schematic diagram of the simplest devices. So the idea is conceived, which usually has more than one solution and depending on the tasks for which we design to use the equipment.

Figure 1. The military option.

Pulsejet engine designed for fast pyrolysis and powerful burning combined into a single process – nothing more – just pure functionality.

Methane and a mixture of decomposed organic matter and MSW (municipal solid waste) are the fuel to burn. The torch is used for hot water or electricity generation (requires appropriate equipment).

Figure 2. Industrial version.

Universal power plant. The stake is a high power density and better performance for processing of solid waste and other substances.

In order to increase the capacity and efficiency of the equipment let’s put a huge reactor in a shaft and use the non-condensed pyrolysis gases for external additional heating of the pyrolysis chamber with simultaneous heating of the water circuit, thus, gaining hot water or steam to run electric generator.

Ship (marine) option.

Compact equipment, providing fuel from waste, to power marine diesel engine with a concurrent production of steam and electricity. The challenge is to making floating processing plant out of transport ships, where all waste components and products are recycled and processed, hence, are utilized rationally and harmlessly. Generator gas and fuel oil go to an engine, sorted recycled - to processing cycle (possibly on board as well), ash – dumped to the sea or to make artificial islands, the excess energy – for the production of distilled water, or in another applications. The scheme is shown in the article "Waste perpetuum". Look here.

Applications of peaceful "weapon" may be everywhere, but a lover of grand designs will be attracted by the project "Aragats", where you can get two additional free bonuses: the enormous heat and excellent heat traction, and unused mountainous areas with an abundance of sun and melt water. Aragats Mountain range, which is in the vicinity of Yerevan, has all the necessary conditions for the implementation of such a project. The high peak and the low average deviation, the presence of the transport road to the top, a large, empty space that could be involved in economic activities. Bright, almost year-round sunshine, clean water and mountain air. The vector of the exhaust gas to the top in large-diameter pipe along the road creates a wonderful combination of practicality and harmony. The very tube – a heating system for the high-altitude greenhouses and buildings; and the descending condensed water and carbon dioxide – a natural makeup and fertilizer for vegetation. Stack effect, which is created by the difference in densities of hot and cold gases, by the schemes commonly known, can be used to produce electrical energy with wind turbines. Thus, we can try to implement the grand project – to transform the harsh and mountainous landscape in the divine life-giving area with gardens, greenhouses and residential, self-sufficient settlements.

Enjoy and feel the different alternative - views of the Aragats.

Three predefined factors hereunder give grounds for that such a project can be achieved in a short time and on a commercial basis, with the appropriate financing and the involvement of stakeholders.

1. Inexhaustible (in a tangible term) gas reserves in Russia, Iran and Qatar (we use methane as fuel and waste and different organics in about equal proportions).

2. Iran is ready to receive electricity as payment for gas in the ratio of 3kW/h per 1m3 of methane (and this is our advantage, as we spend less than half of for the generation of electricity – the rest is balanced by organics and waste, we have heat for free)

3. Development of a new type of economy – foothill gardening, greenhouses and settlements with related activities – tourism, sport, leisure, etc., – perfectly replenish the economic livelihoods of the Armenian Republic with fresh new revenues.

In order to crown the article at a positive and humane note, I have to point to the maximum effect for Armenia, which will be received not by substitution of imported fossil fuels by own garbage and waste, but on the contrary, the use of this technology throughout the world, thereby lowering excitement (and a bit of the fuel price) and giving a new impetus to interesting related projects such as massive desalination of water for irrigation of deserts, the establishment of new settlements in Siberia, an entirely new business – clean and efficient processing of solid waste locally etc. Just as the way out of the political and economic impasse should not be hunted in the streets of Yerevan, or in high-tech development, but in the waste global expanses, where our activity and hard work can give desired feedback and satisfaction.

Arrangement of lands, resources and settlements without growing density of population per unit area and avoiding loads on the biosphere – is the harmony of life and natural cycles – these are the new priorities that will ensure life in prosperity and without rending contradictions and technological problems. Quiet self-sufficient villages involved in the overall development and global promotion programs instead of asphalt-concrete ugly urbanity amidst the market economy that forces to lose all human guidance and humankind milestones.

First practical steps - Part I, Part II, Part III.

Investor, Ruben Viktorovich Ter-Grigoryan

Adamov A.V. Moscow - Yerevan, July 2016.

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