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Rudolf Diesel – a talented and energetic engineer of German origin, who gave the world a new type of internal combustion engine, where the novelty of the solution was an increased compression ratio and improved fuel efficiency through the use of separate supply of air and fuel. Persistence and research head, so characteristic of the German school, with which Diesel was trying to create an engine that runs on coal dust for the needs of German industry after a series of failures, mistakes and troubles has led him to an unexpected result: the engine has started on liquid heavy fuel and with less compression than expected by the author. The solution was so successful that today all heavy machinery and most ships running on the engines are named after the pioneer. But there was one question unanswered: why increasing the compression ratio after a certain threshold is impossible? The question is not trivial, and simple formal response about the increasing loss of compression and thermal loads, does not satisfy some scientists, because there is no physical explanation in it. Similarly, few people know the answer to the question: why cold gasoline does not burn, and engines in extremely cold does not heat up?

One day, I happened to read the description of the invention "Method of producing energy with the release of cold" and then my freely-inventing chump, that has received by the way a slight concussion on the occasion, has gone completely crazy and lost the peace of mind.

At this stage of development of human civilization we have come to global overproduction, to be precise; the predominance of the technical capabilities over the sales markets. Material prosperity and a decent life, with the current state of the art and technology is a matter simple enough. Contrasting against this background huge "zones" of poverty, cold expanses and the face of ugliness that have come from the lively market liberalization bastards, now already have others to blame and easily explained inertia, embezzlement and banal stupidity with respective leaders at various levels. God forgotten village and districts abandoned by the people – it is our national tragedy, and this should not be tolerated. Low living standards of the most of the population, (working people mainly) are the shame and the greatest injustice. To apply knowledge and breakthrough technologies for accelerated recovery and internal forces will be the most painless solution. This can be done without ideological superstructure, the massacre and political games. But at the same time, the first of our projects have to wear military clothes – both spirit and organization – otherwise we will fail against numerously bred slackers, talkers and dodgers, who are skilfully moving in any direction of the wind. We need to create a strong, self-supporting structure of the engineering and construction purposes, which will equip the land, and will give people settlements and clusters of modern production ready for full-fledged economic, rather than a hectares in distant nowhere.

It is in our powers to change the world – to step into the adequate consumption by the global economic reorganization using nature-like, cost-free and non-waste by definition technologies and give to people, nations and cultures a new type of development: life-affirming cooperation, complementary interaction and agreed coexistence. Time of primitive repeated mottos is gone; the slogan "Peace to the world" must be filled with content. In abundance we have spiritual principles, so there is need to propose and implement concrete actions with a clear definition of objectives.

If you can get unlimited energy, water, cold and heat anywhere in the world and move goods and people cost-free, then everything else is a matter of technique and is easy to follow. Anything that can be found in the rest of the world in plenty, we have in abundance. The transformations and new opportunities will be so extensive and fleeting, that will be far ahead of our dreams and needs. For example, it is possible to convert Mongolia, with its harsh land and sparse settlements, into a fairyland, rich gardens, villages and enterprises of the modern type, and to receive a new Russian-language based support, similar to Kazakhstan. In cooperation with the Europeans and the Chinese it is possible to build a new Arab-African joint state in the Sahara desert in a decade, and so it will pour on us oranges, pineapples and tropical flora bursting with all-purpose vitamin. In a union with Kazakhstan and China it is possible to create a new centre of international cooperation with the objective of laying a foundation to brewing and looked-for project of non-national state formation – a formation which is fair, plausible, based on the traditions and spiritual priorities. But first and foremost we have to recuperate and build a life in own country. The revival of village and Russian way of life – this is our first task.

And now – back to business. All invention and even fantastic prospects by Ponurovsky Alexei contain a breakthrough, but have not been studied and, moreover, never tested (intentionally or in our traditional habit to disregard domestic developments – is another question). But it is impossible to remain indifferent and inactive after studying his works.

We will focus at one of them in more details – "A method of using hydrocarbon fuels in internal combustion engines and device for its realization". This engine runs on heavy fuel oil (almost any type of fuel, since there is a transformation to a gas within the cylinder) with off-scale performance that exceeds existing analogues by 10-15 times.

This engine will be the "engine" of the people's initiative in the arrangement of our vast expanses. Agriculture and personal initiative will be not inhibited with burdensome and sometimes unaffordable fuel costs. Will more successful trade in hand the cooperation matters will gain more dynamics.

Cossacks and peasants, as the binding element of Russia's territorial integrity and power, will have new opportunities in economic activity. Life will get better – Fatherland will come alive!

Postulates of Ponurovsky shake up all of our knowledge about the processes of energy and offer a fabulous panorama of cost-free and clean energy, free (or ultra-low cost) transport and other resources available due to the first two reasons mentioned.

Let’s start with a small analytical review as initiation to his scientific paradigm.

1. The main postulate runs: chemical energy, hidden in the fuel, which has a certain constant in the form of a certain value for each fuel, is wrong interpretation of the processes of combustion, explosion and detonation. In these processes, energy is released from substances (oxygen) with the participation of hydrocarbons as the catalyst to the process of destruction of material structure with meagre defect of mass of the latter. Calorific value represents and is applicable to a "quiet regular burning" without pre-activation of fuel and preparation of oxygen. Just see the source. For us, to begin with, it is important to remember that one can get a multiple of more energy if the fuel is overheated and is being combined in pulse mode with pre-compressed and cooled atmospheric oxygen.

This is justified by the universal principle of substances’ energy release with electrical discharge at combining diverse materials at different temperature conditions.

2. There is a similar pattern of interaction of different temperatures with the participation of water and any inert gas with explosive dissociation of water, resulting in release of cold energy and ensuring gratuitous hydrogen and oxygen. The effects are meticulously described by Ponurovsky in his inventions of various embodiments of technical devices. This issue was already discussed in our previous article: "The Cold In Russian Way".

3. Special attention should be paid to process of spraying cold water on the overheated oil with production of hot steam – a Ladislao invention. It is easy to check the parameters of energy and a great low-cost option of the steam generator for a variety of hybrid systems in the burners, pyrolysis and gas generators is here. At the same time, which is the best justification of the reliability of revolutionary ideas of Ponurovsky, we have the process of interaction of explosive substances at different temperatures with substance release energy with times superior calorific value.

4. The case with the atomization of hot water in the cold is even easier and more fun – if we measure weight of the water before and after the process (after it has turned to ice), we will arrive on the verge of great discoveries – the water can be cheaply decomposed into its constituent hydrogen and oxygen to produce a cold and power (expansion).

5. Processes, described in inventions of Ponurovsky, can be clearly traced in known devices and processes. Turbo heat generator of Arakelyan, reactor of Paul Pantone, Utilization Oven by Adam and in the effect of splashing boiling water in the cold (freezing of explosive).

Based on the possibility of receiving the energy of matter in an amount proportional to the speed of the process and the temperature difference when combining the reactants, Ponurovsky offers a simple and ingenious solution for the new "diesel engine" - to turn cycles: first apply oil, and only then - the air. Fuel is injected on the exhaust stroke, after the descent the overpressure and the cooled air is then fed from a separate container, where the pressure is created by an independent compressor, working on a common shaft with the motor. We get tenfold (statement by Ponurovsky) savings: no large thermal loads – well make do with air cooling; no sophisticated high pressure injection systems – the injections is carried out into the environment with atmospheric pressure; and fuel can be almost of any composition (thus, cheap). And the most important – all this you can quickly check and test at any Engineering Bureau or at Research Institutes, and even with modest capacities of insolent self-educated masters (doing things in a right, Ponurovsky, way by increasing compression and exposing a later ignition with the creation of conditions for a faster expansion at the time of the rise pressure).

Technical problems can be solved by technical experts given the appropriate conditions. It can be assumed that the publication will help to increase interest in the scientific and technological heritage of Ponurovsky. Until this is done, and even though me struggling by all means to start actions, I propose to consider a few ideas from my dust-covered boxes, concerning the activation of the oxygen for combustion and new simple solutions, the which essence is the core of my inventive activity.

Cold boost.

Feeding the compressed heated and partially cooled air to the internal combustion engine, or any other device, where combustion takes place, we are violating Ponurovsky rule, that demands having cold air at contact time and, finally, we lose compression energy. Therefore, Comrade Adam suggested the following boost circuit. Application of the system consisting of compressor and expander can partially offset the cost of the sealing and get the desired cooling.

Since I do not have special technical education, and I am not burdened with academic importance, the name derived natural and catchy.

This scheme is called "Reverse turbocharger by Adam." The result: higher efficiency of the engine and free air conditioning in a bundle.

Next is the use of a scheme of this idea for ICE. Double turbocharger. Professionals shall grasp the idea without explanations; failing to chew the matter to non-experts.

Finally, some questions for consideration:

• Why has no one voiced such a breakthrough theory of (explosive interaction with the self-dissociation of substances at different temperatures), has not tried to challenge, to comprehend, to publish for 25 years running?

• How can we ignore the specifications of invention, which provide the opportunity to convert all the energy industry?

• Where can we find an articulate explanation of boiling water explosively freezing in the cold, and how much energy we take into account describing the explosion of an oxygen cylinder from a drop of oil – the energy of compression, the calorific value of a gram of oil, or E = MC2, where M - mass of the oxygen dissolved back into the ether?

And an idle nonsense for the road, life has not become just better, but also more fun and without the Bolshevik frenzy.

We live in a wonderful country where all the world's problems are in the opposite state: the world is afraid of overpopulation – we have vacant lots and open spaces; there is shortage of water – we live dampness and marshes; they bred men aplenty – we have our women under-loved; they are afraid of the war – we are rushing for trouble; they do not know where to invest the money – we boast untilled fields, the cosmic volume of resources and opportunities. Women are beautiful and smart; men – strong and open. The land is fertile and the air is healthy; people are living with full heart and cold air is not only well-lit, but invigorates and knocks the crap. They speak broken English, and we speak Russian, and we are not afraid of any outer powers.

We’ll see who wins!!!

I wish good luck in any of endeavour to aim-oriented and inquisitive, and well-being to the rest of you!

Adamov A.V. Moscow – Yerevan. March 2016.

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