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The New Energy Paradigm.

Beat the “green” – until they are red,

Beat the oilers – until they are white.

Etherist Adamov.

Paper Plan

1. Introduction.

2. Air burning, fuel – just a catalyst.

3. Detonation pulsating combustion - the best basis for a new energy - "White" technology.

4. Where to start.

5. Perspectives and the scale of the expected economic effect.

6. Actual plan. Business plan.

7. Conclusion.


This article, in fact, is a summary of the range of tasks that comrade Adamov has set as the target in his research activities.

As the article is targeted to attract the attention and resources for the breakthrough project, for people with rational thinking and fighting spirit, it is devoid of any sensuality (typical of Russian thinkers and inventors) and academic bombast in explaining simple phenomena.

Subject was provided in the title. The basis for such audacity – developments (inventions) of A. Ponurovsky. Inventions (knowledge) from comrade A. Ponurovsky are so informative and meaningful, that, in fact, have become a concentrated scientific world outlook for me. The scary of it is a proud solitude in which I am in the course of studying these works, in attempts to apply the new knowledge about the nature of energy, heat, cold and chemical interactions of substances.

Green technologies that claim the exclusive right to be called "clean" is another leftist delusion with its basis compiled of fears of aging Europe against milestone events and of subconscious desire to be "grazers". Weakening "blood" leads people to abandon the struggle, life and fire. The nuclear power is at the other extreme, but its’ too bulky, and carries certain global threats in case of abnormal occurrences and is not suitable for sparsely populated areas and autonomous use. Between these extremes, missed by the academic science, there is a "red alternative" – "soft", controlled explosive processes studied by Ponurovsky A.A., the essence of which is the energy release of the substance at different temperatures pulse superposition (an explosive increase in pressure with release of heat or cold.)

The road that led me to the ideas of Ponurovsky and to the basics fuel-free energy is the paradox of detonation explosion.

Detonation at a narrow-minded level is harmful phenomenon that occurs in the engine under certain conditions (temperature or low octane fuel), the essence of which is more accurately distinguished in a vacuum bomb, but most of the experts did not seem to notice discrepancy of theory and practice.

A person is a community being; easily zombied collectively and subject to all sorts of nonsense, and it is often when a strong argument cannot work against the established dogmas and theories. We give three substantiated facts against the theory of the chemical energy of the fuel and it’s constant in the different types of combustion.

We do not claim that the following facts are unambiguous and self-sufficient, but they give a solid reason to rethink the explosive processes.

Air burning

1. Normal temperature when flash occurs in a cylinder is-1800 – 2000 degrees on Celsius scale, and at detonation -3500 -4000 degrees centigrade. Quite a significant increase in thermal energy – where from? Indeed, during normal combustion, while respecting stoichiometric fuel-air ratio, the quantity of heat is calculated from the corresponding, predetermined and constant value, referred to as “calorific value fuel”. If the efficiency of the engine is well-studied, the combustion efficiency (at the level of physics) – was never raised. This question is the essence of the ideas of Ponurovsky.

2. An oxygen cylinder explosion from a small amount of oil. Ask any professional in this field: "What value should be taken into account to calculate the energy of explosion – the mass of oxygen, or the calorific value of a few grams of hydrocarbons?" (the answer will be vague)

3. Russian "Daddy-bomb" with the same parameters (amount of fuel) is more powerful than the American "Mother-bomb" by four or five times. Then you have either bad Russian gauges, or bad American knowledge about the process?

Let us present an excerpt from the description of the invention "Method of obtaining energy from the release of the cold" by Ponurovsky to begin understanding of his ideas:

"It is known that chemical reactions both with release of heat or cold (are treated with absorption of heat), are accompanied by an energy process.

Energy oxidation of fuel through combustion is accompanied by release of heat. The reason of formation of the energy process through the combustion of fuel is the formation of fuel and oxygen in the air at different temperatures state, where the fuel temperature is always higher than the temperature of oxygen in the air. Given that the release of energy by explosion is the combustion energy process in a shorter period of time, the power of the energy of the process is proportional to its velocity.

The speed of the energy process of fuel interacting with oxygen depends on the temperature difference and the extent of the overpressure system, which produces the energy process.

It is known that the combustion of fuel in furnaces produces less energy than from using the same amount of fuel in the piston engines".

And another passage:

"Oxygen in composition of liquid air, does not require activation when combined with the heated fuel to be used with liquid hydrocarbons /heavy oil/ similar as in combination with superheated water.

Therefore, combination of any amounts of liquid hydrocarbons, even very tiny, with air is accompanied by the formation of an energetic process, whose power can be adjusted by the degree of compression of engine and the amount of weighed hydrocarbon acting as an activator of oxygen energy. "

These few lines, spoken as if casually, explaining the principle of work of "cold" engine, were enough for me to conclude that it’s all is either a fiction of a sick imagination or a new interpretation of the process with release of energy, heat and cold, with the ensuing revolutionary changes in technology.

All this is very well suited to the understanding of the world order, put forward by the supporters of the ether theory.

Ether theory, in contrast to the classical ideas, treats substance as an active emptiness in a tense ethereal space (firmament), which is created by etherons moving along the vortex trajectories. And, accordingly, there is a fundamental principle of all energies as an opportunity to collapse under certain conditions (mass defect).

Pulsating combustion, so appealing to contemporary home-made inventors in a view of its the utmost simplicity of design and powerful combustion, has a good chance to replace the heat generating units, if you make one simple step – start generation of electricity. This possibility (by opinion of Adamov) comes from a single postulate, which requires experimental verification and further study as follows:

At different temperatures conditions, pulse combining of substances launches explosive dissociation, with the release of heat or cold that allows effective use of the pressure increase in the generating units. To descend to the level of simple understanding we will describe in a nutshell one of the options of this pattern, formulated by comrade Ponurovsky.

During pulse combining of hot water (80-100°C) with air or another gas at a temperature of 30-35°C or less at a slightly positive pressure, partial dissociation of water into hydrogen and oxygen occurs with a sharp increase in pressure and the opportunity to use the hydrogen produced as fuel.

It’s not worth going beyond this revolutionary declaration. Thus, comrade Ponurovsky changes the world with one sentence, offering a simple mechanism for low-cost, ultra-efficient method of producing heat, cold, energy, clean water and oxygen. Possible applications of this law are given in his published inventions. Moreover, providing Russian response to the "Mpemba paradox", just passing by.

In order to prove or disprove this phenomenon it is necessary to perform a series of experiments and measurements in a decent lab. I would like to remind that my humble team has carried out a series of DIY experiments at their own money and has arrived at positive results. But the level of technology and precision of measurements were at a very low level, and drawing final conclusions is somewhat premature and undignified way to go. Nevertheless, the problem and prospects for implementation of Ponurovsky inventions are such immense that overshadow all possible alternatives reforms and revolutions in the fields of energy and transport –both of them and at once.

Lamentations and prayers are useless in this case. It is needed to create a team of associates, to find the resources and a decent basis to move towards the goal.

Problems: scientific and global tasks

1. Confirm and fix numerically "cold dissociation". (Ponurovsky. Method and equipment to receive the cold.)

2. Measure the efficiency of heat and steam release – "hot dissociation" (Ladislao. A method of producing heat.)

3. Test the operation of engine in the Ponurovsky mode. (Ponurovsky. Methods of applications of hydrocarbon fuel in internal combustion engine.)

Technical and operational tasks:

1. Test the operation of "Adamov Furnaces" in the final version with the injections of oil and water mixture through superheated tract in the dome of a furnace.

2. Test the operation of the devices described in the article "Garbage perpetuum."

3. Test the operation of "oil" engine (project under development and not presented so far).

4. Check the idea of "anti-garbage conveyor" (continuous waste recycling to gain heat and oil)

Pulsating air-jet engine (PVRD) – a new direction.

Pulsating combustion is a military topic. Recently, though, some thermal generators with pulsating combustion were presented for greenhouses. Making this equipment to generate electricity is one of the most intriguing challenges for me. DT (detonation tube, though not a good term, as the rate of combustion in the pipe is lower than the speed of sound without creating excessive pressure – this is so-called a deflagration combustion, but the word "detonation" means "to explode, thunder" and, taking into account the technical aspirations to increase pressure and oxygen concentration to further increase the efficiency of the exhaust pressure and the process, is more suited to the new device type)

The essence of the project – a hybrid generation system with pulsating combustion – requires a deep understanding of Ponurovsky ideas and it is knitted from three complementary processes. In its most generalized form the idea is available in the article "Adamov Furnace" where the following practical questions are raised:

1. Is it possible to get any effective generation of electricity using a pulsatile jet-pipe operating using superheated steam produced from the body of the device, thereby obtaining a unique heat engine with the generation of electricity?

Such device will allow all boilers to improve their performance through the use of hybrid heat generators.

2. Is it possible, by increasing the pressure at the inlet, to surpass the efficiency of a diesel engine and steam turbine generators, and to create a compact and mobile installations, and even scaled down to car engines?

3. Is it possible to obtain through the explosive generation of "cheap" steam (Ladislao), together with application of fuel regeneration method of Ponurovsky and reverse jet propulsion by Adamov, to make a breakthrough in the efficiency of generation of electricity, steam (pure water) and heat?

That’s all in short, what remains is engineering design, tests and measurements.

Why do we focus on the pulsating combustion? Firstly, such system will be cheaper and more reliable; secondly, it features a huge power density; and thirdly, radiating body and the exhaust pressure facilitate creation of a simple hybrid system.

Where to start.

Easy start for projects (according to Adamov plan) will be a practical proof super effective pyrolysis with pulsating pipe placed inside the pyrolysis reactor. This idea can be proved by any group of young, educated people, thereby facilitating the processing of MSW to mass use and raising interest in the rest of the ideas.

Fast, financially reasonable and justified, solid waste processing technology to receive "gratuitous" heat, oil, ash and steam from the inexhaustible source of negative cost – it's the best, the loudest "noise-making" and the greenest project to date.

Prospects (from Ponurovsky).

Receiving mechanical energy using much less fuel.

Receiving the cold and water in arid areas almost cost-free.

Getting away from expensive and congested technologies in transport and energy, giving a breathe to people and nature.

Actual plan. Business plan.

Venue: Laboratory or technically equipped research institute or an experienced shop of reputable company.

Equity: a limited (200 000 - 300 000 foreign currency units), a comprehensive budget – more by and an order. Finance means are calculated very simply: ten people working for two years, with access to required hardware resources, measuring instruments and the right to fail.

Time terms: not more than 1000 days.

Goal: a new technology for producing energy and cold.

Specifics: practical pyrolysis, other internal combustion engine, low-cost production of cold and a new generator.

Proposal to investors: 50% of the created intellectual product and contractual share from specific projects, following successful studies.


Hard work with numerous experiments and tests was performed already, the final chord is on agenda:

• Verification of the pattern in "pure" experiments

• Finalization of design, registration of the invention and creation of the best cogeneration generator in the world.

I have knowledge and will – technical facilities, means and staff associates are required.

P.S. "Beating" and destroying oil and gas market are not the goals and objectives of statesman Adamov. On the contrary, these technologies will help to make the next leap in moving towards a prosperous life and the successful development of our country. Systematized knowledge ("white" technology), the core of Russian mind and uniqueness of Russian education should lead us to new horizons, to clean air and a healthy society.

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6. Bass G.A.; Method of destruction of rocks.

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