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In the twilight of the Soviet era, ordinary scientist engineer Alexey Ponurovsky records a series of revolutionary inventions. All of them are based on his own discovery, the essence of which, in short, can be described as follows: there is a simple possibility of dissociation of water at different temperatures at pulse combination with the gaseous medium.

This releases the cold in large volume, with increasing pressure, and exhaust gases are a blend of the original environment with a hydrogen-oxygen mixture of dissociated water.

My restless curiosity with the persistent remnants of qualitative, broad mind Soviet education, once led to the invention with a spectacular title "Method and Apparatus to gain energy in internal combustion engines with the release of the cold." The study of the Soviet scientific and technological heritage is my hobby and passion. Ingenuity, the search for new technical solutions and the generation of ideas is my disease.

Utmost clarity and professionalism of presentation, along with a new philosophical (dualistic) interpretation of the energetic processes, forced me to seriously grasp the essence inventions expounded. Over time, numerous similar inventions were revealed, but the garland and the most comprehensive view should belong to a modest Russian engineer – Alexei Alexeevich Ponurovsky. I can fearlessly state that the confirmation of these laws will increase the technical power of our civilization many times; and the problem of pollution will be eliminated; and a real opportunity to explore remote and deserted lands will emerge.

The inventions of Alexei Alexeevich containing different application possibilities of using this effect are listed below, accompanied with explanations for the general public, and the quotations of author with revolutionary innovations are stressed in bold.

For the sake of inclusive picture, let’s scribble the amazing postulates articulated by our national genius on granite stone of science to begin with.

1. Energy in substance has an electric (diverse) nature.

2. In combustion and explosion the energy is released by an electric discharge.

The efficiency of energy release, its speed and the quantity depends on the condition of different temperatures: (cold) oxygen and (hot) fuel and the amount of excess condition of the first.

At the same time, the Master affirms that the calorific value of the fuel - the conditional value that characterizes normal, averaged amount of energy released at the "slow" combustion process under normal conditions (atmospheric pressure, temperature of 300°K). By increasing the temperature difference between the superheated fuel and supercooled air and increasing pressure by pulse combining, you can get energy times more than prescribed by school "pre-revolutionary chemistry".

3. Hydrogen and carbon have affinity to heat, oxygen – to cold.

4. Similar to exothermically combustion and explosion there is a process akin to an explosive dissociation of water with the release of the cold and energy.

A nightmare of oil tycoon – these processes may be combined in a circular process of obtaining energy without additional fuel.

We now turn to the actual list of inventions, which is well represented here find-patent.

1. A method of regenerating the exhaust gas and the device for its implementation.

The essence of the invention: internal combustion engine operating in a closed loop.

Quote: The proposed method and device can facilitate operation of the internal combustion engine in a closed loop on the same working body (without consuming additional fuel) until complete leakage of fuel from the system.

2. Method of operation of the internal combustion engine.

The essence of the invention: the exhaust gases are more energy fuel than the original fuel.

Quote: The practical use of this method makes possible to achieve operation of the internal combustion engine in a closed loop.

3. Operation mode of a two-stroke internal combustion engine with a supercharger and two-stroke engine for its implementation.

The essence of the invention: the easiest and most affordable way to raise the effectiveness of the standard internal combustion engine by increasing the temperature difference between the fuel and air.

Quote: The invention is aimed to improving the efficiency of a two-stroke internal combustion engine with supercharger by improving the interaction energy of the fuel with the oxidant (air).

4. Method to receive the cold.

The essence of the invention: gaining the cold with obtaining energy.

Quote: Having in mind the economic and ecological value of this method, it will replace all of the existing methods for producing the cold.

5. Method for cleaning high temperature flue gases.

The essence of the invention: usage the dissociation effect in cleaning and cooling flue gases.

Quote: The technical result of the invention increase the degree of purification of flue gases from harmful components.

6. Refrigerator.

The essence of the invention: a device opposite to ICE; injection of super cooled water containing dissolved carbon dioxide in a superheated, condensed medium received from the combustion of hydrogen-oxygen mixture, which in turn is the exhaust gases from the process of producing cold.

Quote: Preparation of the feasibility of the engine to power the refrigerator working system in a closed cycle is an achievement of this goal. In turn, the resumption of energy by working body in piston engines (and in gas turbines) is the solution of the energy, economic, environmental and social problems of the inhabitants of the planet Earth.

7. Method and construction to receive the cold.

The essence of the invention: Refrigerated perpetuum.

Quote: The advantage of the proposed method and device - the capability of any engines of internal interaction to work on this principle, which will not pollute the environment only, but will not overheat atmosphere with highly hot gas emissions. Thus, the possibility is created to give up the environmentally harmful methods of producing energy, such as the burning of hydrocarbon fuels and the use of nuclear fission energy.

8. Method of use of hydrocarbon fuels and device for its implementation, free-patent..

The essence of the invention: multiple fuel economy, the production of generator gas directly in the cylinder, due to the heat of exhaust gases. And cold air supply by pre-injection to the receiver.

9. Method and construction to receive energy in the engine (ICE) with generation of the cold.

The essence of the invention: Maximum form of combination of heat and cold for maximum power with minimum fuel consumption.

Quote: The proposed method of obtaining energy from the interaction of oxygen liquid air with hydrocarbon fuel advantageously differs from the known methods by the fact that it offers unlimited possibilities to create any desired temperature between the heated fuel and cooler oxygen from the air at their combination in the interaction chamber of the engine... Furthermore, the possibility to obtain more power from the same amount of the working fluid and allow transfer rocket engines run at more power-consuming energy resources than hydrogen and oxygen: it is ordinary water and liquid helium. Application of the proposed method will reduce the costs of space technology.

It is obvious and urgent that all this must be put to examination and test. It is surprising and extremely disappointing that the study and promotion of these works is performed by a private person, and all attempts to do research on a serious, scientific level have suffered a shameful fiasco.

For me it was obvious from the first reading back in the year 2005, and since then I tireless work to study similar devices and processes. Here is a short analysis of my research.


The essence of the invention: part of the exhaust gas is passed through a tank with a water-fuel mixture, afterwards water vapour and fuel are heated within the path of the exhaust pipe, and the resulting generator gas, mixed with atmospheric air, goes to combustion the cylinder of ICE.

A merry crowd of autodidacts squeak taking pleasure from the opportunity to add any filth to water, and a “young fool” stays in the firm belief that three-quarters of a miracle is water burning. However, the actual measurements show savings of about 20-25 per cent, according to an increase in the calorific value of the generator gas (due to the heat of exhaust gases) and the miracle car stalls at the expenditure of gasoline. The device has one obvious advantage – generating gas burns cleanly and gasoline can be of low octane.

However, the same cheerful crowd of “young idiots” shall not notice, or rather do not comprehend the fact that the internal combustion engine with Pantone reactor operates almost without air, and one guy even claims that no gasoline is used. Let’s look: Double GEET reactor, Тестовое испытание реактор ЗАИ.

Adam assumption: a partial dissociation of water into hydrogen oxygen occurs when hot exhaust gases pass through the relatively cold water, according to the description of the effect of the invention: "Method for the regeneration of exhaust gases ..."


The essence of the invention: Preparation of heat energy by ultra effective burning of oil-water mixture (70/30). The author announces a multiple fuel economy, significantly higher calorific value of the waste used oil or diesel fuel than theoretically stated.

Yes, it is possible, if we take a postulate given by comrade Ponurovsky as true, saying that an increase in fuel temperature and the combining reaction rate it is possible to raise the energy multiple fold. It’s these conditions that have been created in this device – fuel is heated the most and supplied to the turbine.


The essence of the invention: three-time savings of ICE mode knock. Toskin is already working for the Germans, and we refuse to study the possibility of tenfold savings through more gentle activation of fuel (without compression) in cold air, as described herein: "How to use hydrocarbon fuels ..."


The essence of the invention: super-efficient discharge of thermal energy at atomization of cold water on the overheated oil, with a little air supply.

Poor Ladislao, after receiving significantly more energy than is consumed as fuel oil, has gently, being careful of scientific Inquisition, written extensively on the discharge of water power. Our measurements have confirmed this fact, but the conclusion on the basis of knowledge from Ponurovsky differs – it is ultra-efficient combustion of hot oil in a cold oxygen from dissociated water; free hydrogen binds with oxygen after raising the reaction temperature. According to information from Ladislao, temperature in the core of reaction is 1200°-2000°C.


The Mpemba paradox is not a paradox at all. Boiling water, splashed into the air at the appropriate cold (-30°-40° C), strictly according to the law of Ponurovsky, is partially dissociated, and the cold released leads to an explosive freezing of cooled water mass, that’s so untypical for conventional heat exchange.


The apparatus for mass production of fresh water by condensation of water vapour from the air find-patent.

The essence of the invention: Low-cost production of cold and ice, with the possibility of condensation of water from the air. And where is Ponurovsky here? He is everywhere where explosive reaction with release of cold or heat occurs. According to the description of the invention the cause of instantaneous freezing of water vapour, heated by compressed air environment with certain natural moisture, while passing the turbine expander, is not perceived.

And it is most likely, the cause is in the universal laws of our friend and fellow teacher Ponurovsky, who tutors that the impulsive cooling of compressed medium the air is cooled immediately, and the condensed water is not. Further on (simultaneously), there goes the reaction of hot water drops with cold air, already familiar to us, which leads to the explosive reaction of dissociation with release of cold. Thus, the output we have is over frozen icicles and not cold water.


The essence of the invention: ultra-efficient fuel combustion of unsorted and untreated raw materials in a vertical pipe using a small ballast of cheap solid fuel (peat, wood, lignin, briquettes). When the temperature increases in the tube, there is a simultaneous expansion of substance agent under heat to form the pyrolysis gases which pass with the water vapour a red-hot coal layer, which is always above the raw materials and, finally, develop to the clean fuel - the synthesis gas. And surprised audience is watching how smokeless and odourless the tires and garbage burn.

Alexey Ponurovsky has devised us to raise the temperature of the fuel while maintaining the temperature of surrounding medium or below it. A work to feed cool air together with the replacement of the iron body to refractory concrete is waiting for us.

And then the conventional oven we take off from the release of thermal energy and may become the basis for the red alternative – getting clean energy disposing waste and cheap organic matter. I have a ready technical solution: twin turbo expander air supply system through the water in a vortex reactor, which is waiting in the wings.

The actual proof or disproof of all this words is the question solved by a decent lab and several months of expert measurements. A young audience will be offered a one-day test of the new law of physics.

Popular experiment:

Take the dishes with liquid nitrogen, where you should inject a certain amount of boiling water from the usual medical syringe. The task is to prevent pieces of ice fly away, it suffices to apply gauze. After weighing the mass of water before and after alignment, make your conclusion: is there a significant mass defect of water? If yes, and you've got proof of interesting patterns - water can be energy efficient decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen to produce the cold. Then the confidence and interest in the miraculous inventions of Ponurovsky will increase and the issue of implementation will be a matter of time.

More advanced students and researchers can try to get on fuel regeneration mode with a regular internal combustion engine – applying not a very complicated mechanism proposed by the author.

In conclusion I would like to say once more, the invention of Alexey Ponurovsky, at a positive result, will lead to fantastic transformations in technology, transport and households. And it is utmost wish that the revolutionary, Russian cold-based technology is rediscovered and implemented in our own country firstly.

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Adamov A.V. Moscow - Yerevan 03.05.2015