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Waste perpetuum
Adam Generator

If I scratch the back of my head,

it's okay!

There is only sawdust in it,

yeah, yeah, yey!

But although there's only sawdust,

All these shouties & those screamies,

And also the noisies, pantloudies and sighpuffies...

I compose them rather nicely on some days!


Plan of the paper.

1. Philosophy of the process. The idea of continuous movement - Garbage billow- Waste civilization.

2. Practical pyrolysis - A fresh look.

3. Fast pyrolysis of the new. The idea of Adam.

4. Explosive pyrolysis - high-speed technology from slowpoke.

5. Isle of cooperation - clean technologies.

6. Flying thoughts - Fiction or nonsense. World state.

7. Generator Adamov - list of ideas of the first echelon:

7.1. Wheel of Adam. Ideas - The energy of movement

7.2. Russian hybrid car - the generator on the cheap fuel.

7.3. Company Amer - Armenian (hard-won) the idea of life.

7.4. Detonation generator - real, eco-friendly small, complex energy industry.

7.5. Gas breakthrough - Russian economic idea and strategy.

7.6. Russ forward - Spiritual Unity, non-violent expansion of the Russian world.

7.7. Empire Adamov - Russian Spirit in the Rainbow world.


This article should be regarded as advertising, where, without legal registration ideas and inventions are fixed, if you are an individual western type person, or as a trial, where the open, in the light of the Russian world view, dealing with specific versions of the technical solutions to the urgent problems of modern, diverse society, if you are a classifies this world.

The question: "Why is so that the Russian Worldview is opposed to individualism and private?" we will leave open for the first ones, and will offer jointly conceive, to comprehend the laws of all of the diversity that surrounds us for the rest.

An introduction to Russian culture and system of values is possible only in the unique and unrepeatable Russian language, the best guide to the depth of knowledge and a holistic review of the space.

It’s preferable to enjoy the experience of our wised and enlightened our fellow, whose names and works little by little will appear in the links to my articles. In this, the particular case, we will look more closely at one of the most painful problems of modern civilization; lack of resources, habitat destruction and garbage billow.

All three factors are common result of reckless, irresponsible and ugly (free) development and insatiable (market) consumption, brought together with a raging crowd, restless devotees of democracy (self-herd govern), progress (baseless faith of unbelievers in a positive future) to the place of moderate, severe and sensible living by strict rules laid down in the traditions of the race, arising from one faith in God the Father, creator and benefactor of the whole created world, and Homo sapiens.

This confrontation between the forces of chaos and order is a formula of life and all things living. Steady, periodic structuring of general and indifferent mass, with the pledged protection program and reproduction - incomprehensible, for easy understanding, the phenomenon - the eternal way of using the device - perpetuum from God.

1 Continuous movement - the essence of space device - its basic principle of existence, which is based on another amazing givens - the substance is packaged form of motion (energy) E = MC2. These semi-timeless categories, matter and space (within the observable horizon of practice and science) allow us to make a bold assumption that the substance is a form of the existence of energy, and the observed universe - infinite game of vortex, fractal structures, nested.

Search and thoughts on this subject are a natural urge for scientific minds and amateurs. Inner conviction about the "absolute" reason rule, "naturalness" of any physical content, "honesty" of all occurring interconversion is the basis of the scientific worldview. "Nothing can come out of nothing and become nothing" - this concise formulation at the same time contains the paradox of unity and unexplained rational - a self-contained beginning and a noble, harmonious world order with arising consequent conclusions; of boundaries for seemingly infinite time, infinity of seemingly finite life, of limited seemingly open universe.

Nature - the brainchild of (creation) of the Supreme – is diverse and beautiful; there is music - soul and rhythm - the hidden patterns, where all events are combined in a common matrix dance, which always pairs the will of chance and divine providence, the beginning and the end. This demonic dance is seen as a Divine Providence, the other as sinful, frail and temporary peace.

And one should slowly learn the laws of nature with the aim of understanding more universal laws, and after receiving more extensive picture, to move away from the disturbing, painful life, to gain peace of mind, to indulge in creative expression and emotional, eventful life. However, real life does not obey the righteous spells, does not meet the writer's review and cannot be described by mathematical formulas - it pushes us, drives and bents.

Flow of time, which is likely the result of multiplication of the human race, cross-breeding and technical progress made, has forced a large part of humanity stepping aside from the traditional, measured way and go to the primitive, market system of relations, where suitability and management are cornerstones, instead of sustainable community of well-being and harmony.

In commodity-money relations all aspects of life were standardized, brought satiety and vanity, saddled with thousands of life absurd innovations.

Miserable, arrogant urban civilization, armed with the ideology of short perspectives safely crushes the well-established foundations of culture, family, nations and overlooks the main thing - the unnatural existence isn’t consistent - the urban people are dying, the number of population is supported from the outside, giving way to more and more of all sorts of perversion.

Modern, urbanized city is the opposite to natural, living elements.

Nature and all living things, as a single, integer, rational, flexible and reflexive obedience to the circumstances following the plan of the Creator, claims and keeps life in all corners of our common home - a healthy and colorful life. This natural and perpetual system that runs on solar energy requires no administration and maintenance (but it would not be a burden), it has no waste and wear - there is variability, rebirth and complementarity.

The principle of harmonious coexistence of different systems in unity is a law of nature, which, rootless and mongrel devils neglect with particular zeal, arranging global revolutions, world wars, new malware technology, creating crazy theories - dethroning anything and everything into chaos. Ruining living sphere by half, a quarter of population (prosperity is not enough for all) have met their demand and have arranged a benefit and comfort. Our self-shredding civilization is a hybrid - a mutant of reason and intelligence, has downgraded the great space concept to edible, individual, earthly things.

Freedom "subdued" the will, the law "presents" the honor, and the quality has given way to the quantity, "ownership" turned into "property", "oath" has cut "prayer", the state (kingdom) was reorganized into the country (public clamoring crowds), with country head sitting on the throne - narcissistic, arrogant and smug.

The main consequence of this civilization was the destruction of the natural harmony in places of settlement, the degradation of the human spirit and waste billow. The closer to people - the more of eternal waste. Grand landfills became satellites of big cities. The same hell is going on in the media field, the noise, the buzz (and shameless commercials) – complete mess - people get sick, whales and dolphins suffer - bees die.

Risk of current trends in environmental issues recognized and taken some measures to counter. Efforts of «green" and some "white" state give local fruit, but to reverse the terrible trend of global pollution and deterioration of the natural environment, when you create the actual technical solutions, applied everywhere, and changing the lifestyle of the individual, society and the whole of humanity - requires interaction. To build Communism at once didn’t work with us (in Russia), but it was a rich experience, and therefore we will try to begin to solve the problem in portions, but in line with the general plan. Special competitive advantages; endless spaces, multiple resources, simple-minded, mischievous people, ready for any daring project, good experts accustomed to a modest life and strong, and thank God, wise and finally Russian in spirit Tsar suggest the next stage of Russian factor in world history, giving us hope on a way to a constructive, just, prosperous, conscientious world.

The first step to health and well-being - its cleanliness and order in the home. You cannot make a mess and the more accumulate any man-made crap. Something should be abandoned, and the rest is processed into useful or safe, neutrals. Pyrolysis will help us to cope with the huge quantities of waste paper, cardboard, cellophane, organics, rubber and plastics, sludge and junk.

Me, like many others, is an advocate of simple solutions, where practicality is preferred to any frills and unnecessary complication for which, one way or another, have to pay the new, bleak concerns.

2. Practical pyrolysis. Technological revolution - the third level.

Revolution are spontaneous and organized, bloody and quiet, sexy and orange (perversion of some sort), "French" and "Russian" depending on time, place and composition of freezing and uneducated rabble, who by virtue of their weak character strikes "to change for the better", meaning to destroy. This flashy brethren, not being capable of anything else, uses primitive chants and directs the enraged masses to the main goal - structure of power, ignoring perished and ruined souls, total damage and, even more, long-term consequences of their "creative" activities.

There is another (mirror) version of the transient changes - Technical revolution, when the amount of certain engineering innovations, essentially turns your everyday life, production or transportation. At the same time, in the foreground we have the obvious advantages in cost and convenience, but in the long run, there are new challenges associated with the new conditions. Technological revolution, as a rule, is a joint activity of a large number of specialists in different fields and backgrounds, and therefore has an international and democratic character. It is more humane because lesser by ideology and is undertaken by people educated, moderate in their approach and responsible for professional training. The best examples of those Revolutions became electric and steam engines, internal combustion engines, diesel, aviation, telephony, atomic energy, mobile communications, computers, internet.

All these achievements are required to step through the development, which eventually turned into a systematic education, transmission and processing of information, funding for science and research. Now, as we stand on the threshold of semi-fairy, semi-devilish innovations, such as "intelligent machines", "virtual reality", "warriors cockroaches", "chip in the head", "Cyborg" and other horror, frightening and worrying engineers themselves, requires rethinking and restriction of the self-propelled and formidable mechanism called "civilization". Feeling as if we together in the track of progress are moving towards a bright future, is deceptive. Technical civilization only increases its power and extends the submission of environment in its favor. This greedy multi-headed and fire-breathing monster, ramming and burning out a nursing ground, requires more and more resources and space. Any unmanaged and rapidly growing process eventually exhausts itself. Continuous (natural) processes are cyclical, economical and have circular trajectories. That’s why in Russian language (natural) words are filled with physical, deep meaning.

Such as; round out - ends the cycle - finish. Look over - look - outline. Outlook – look around – draw image. In Russian culture the emphasis is on self-restraint and modesty, and is combined with the collective spirit and ancestral way of life, the most fundamental and therefore our preference is "we", "our" and "homeland" above "I," "my" and "mine" preference which transcends any time any circumstances.

Let’s grope, but will not expand, the divine essence of the number three (3 letters), and the third level in Russian world order. (World Number are 3-letter words in Russian)

Holy Trinity-Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Russian tricolor (reality, Nav, rules) [1]

Three heroes (god, Thor, Tur)

Three girls under the window

In the Far Far Away kingdom three decades away State

Third Eye

Tripod (three points of support - balanced)

Three time thinking not to get lost in three trees let’s go to the third level of development (beginning, extension, termination)

The final stage - the most important to ensure the continuity of the system.

Man should be conceived, given birth and raised.

Earth is to conquer, to inhabit and protect.

Traditions should be created, enriched and passed further on.

And the most simple in this series: anything produced, after use, should be dismantled, desirable to use wisely and for subsequent cycles.

Pyrolysis decomposition (destruction) fire is the purest and accessible. In the pyrolysis process, we obtain oil, coal, gas, heat and sterile ash. In order this technology may become a part of life, more refinement and technology will be required together with "blue blood".

Comrade Adam proposes to use the most powerful fire, explosion, detonation or thermite.

Purifying fire -to these processes has the literal meaning. Let's consider the options from simple to complex.

The idea is to reverse the trend of increasing pollution simple and inexpensive installation pyrolysis proceeds from the following:

1. It’s more simple, smarter and cheaper to recycle garbage at the first point of the cluster. For this event you need to make process practical and profitable.

2. Equipment should be priced so as not to cut off most of the people (which by the grace of our civilization, yet is shamefully poor) from the opportunity to live in a clean and well-being.

3. The device, service and reliability must be related to the conditions of operation: remote farm, a small village a closed suburban greenhouse, the military part of the school. In the big cities - is a versatile company which unites the boiler room, recycle, greenhouse and a correctional institution, where petty thieves, hooligans and alcoholics are treated with occupational therapy.

The design takes into account the following skills and requirements:

1. Maximum simplification of the design, with a minimum of moving parts to ensure reliability and availability of equipment for the price and the geography of the application - the first requirement.

2. Integration of the pyrolysis process with greenhouse farming or utilities where there is a demand for heat will help to make recycling a profitable enterprise.

3. Combination in a single installation of thermal radiation and the vortex created by the superheated steam, qualitatively transforms the process.

Rural option. Continuous, combined with processing and heating.

Principle of operation.

Vertical design, phallic symbol "AR" (Tyurin M.)

Functioning of the natural cyclic movement of the material under its own weight as the expansion.

Afterburning of carbon in the combustion chamber due to the taper of a simple controlled shutter.

Preparation of the liquid fraction and direct combustion of the gas fraction.

Uninterrupted reload of a new portion of the material (neglecting weak outgassing when opening the hatch or more technologically use an auger, a continuous supply of raw materials)

Visual control of fire - fuel can be added at any time through the door. The air is regulated by mechanical dampers fixed to fans blowing the combustion chamber.

Exhaust fan, reduces the requirements for sealing the top of the door and forcing cone of the flame.

A little worry is over the reliability of the gate, located in the inferno, but modern materials and advanced solutions, this site overall design (it is easy to process combustible waste into fuel and heat).

Pilot device operates powerfully and efficiently. Video

Рис. 1

3. Fast pyrolysis. Russian option- Arktyusha

Detonation combustion for the majority of the educated layman of the minority that is in general about what is heard - well, what is there burning. For the few specialists in this profile is a special burning with its rules, to elect a nuclear reaction, where fuel is a catalyst. Detonation tube (DT) is the minimum equipment, the maximum technology. This is the most efficient combustion. Detonation is accompanied by a loud noise, vibration, thermal (photon) radiation and exhaust pressure. All these disruptive and inconvenient factors highly relevant in the decomposition of the substance - pyrolysis. Version of the application from Adam.

Рис. 2

1. DT is mounted inside the chamber radiation heats the material and powerful oscillating vortex on exhaust circuit (vibration, vortex, and radiation - Best destroyers) containing water vapor assist the rapid degradation of the material fed to the reactor.

2. Raw material is dosed and fed continuously into the through-passage within the pipe and downstream of continuously decomposes the output is a carbon mass which, in turn, under the action of the outgoing pipe superheated water vapor is converted into synthesis gas.

3. The liquid fraction is retained in the water -Gas used for combustion or electricity generation. Fig.

Expected benefits: utilitarian design of small size, there is nothing to spoil.

The heat input is much higher than the flame heating, continuous feeding of raw materials, the process is cost effective - heat and fuel produced, the unit uses fuel produced from waste, (naphtha, low-octane gasoline mixed with a wax)

Mobile version - Arktyusha, universal, pyrolysis-generating plant, on the basis of the rover will be a great base for small business and engineering rescue teams. The name is composed of three major semantic syllables; Ar (Arius, Armenia), Arch (Arch, Arctic, Bear) and Katyusha (Russian, victorious jet weapon). The equipment itself has a military nature (use low-maintenance and easy to deal with complex and dangerous tasks) and will be designed to produce electricity, heat and pure water from the wood, peat, sludge and any debris in the autonomous and mobile mode. When equipped with a minimum of complex construction and rescue equipment (drills, jack, welding machine, crane, and so forth), we obtain a new and unique system for development and livelihoods in remote areas of Siberia and the north. These units, with good communication and military bearing, become reference points for learning, management, and security in the province.

4. Explosive pyrolysis - Impact (breakthrough) technology. Chinese version.

The explosion of a substance with a sharp energy impact of the long-known phenomenon (explosion of metal, the anomalous behavior of uranium, high-speed projectiles)

The proposed idea - a valuable revolutionary and surprisingly harmless. Wedge - wedge knock. Solid construction is not dismantled and destroyed by impact, explosion or better hooking power elements detonation cords. Release of energy (power) at metallothermal reaction, most of controlled reactions, free of foreign gases and compounds, the result of the reaction solid, stable, reversible in the initial substances. Guiding assumption: the ultrafast photonic effects on the substance should be explosive self-destruction of the substance into its component with minimum energy expenditure, without the need for drying and sorting. If the idea is correct, then the arena breaks available, revenue, high ecological technology allows everybody and everywhere to recycle waste into money (oil) and heat. To do this, you need to rehearse this explosive process for "little -lot" ready to start production of thermite mixtures, compact reactors and forward to the development of the vast landfills.

This version, as a tribute to the myth of the Chinese invention of gunpowder and the real state, technical cast, called the Chinese (we hope that with the Chinese comrades, we will turn it into a new energy paradigm)

The production costs of termite repaid tenfold by the resulting energy and fuel.

Possible options for the reactor:

Рис. 3

1. Cylindrical - layered reaction

2. Spherical - a one-time reaction. Refractory high-pressure reactor, immersed in an underground pool.

3. Ultra version - underground, waste gulping dragon - a large-scale and powerful combination of the preceding ones.

In the third version of all the processes and components are working in the most simple technical execution and maximum sizes, high efficiency and safety. To the average engineer and readers will appreciate the beauty of ideas, we'll do the necessary explanations:

GENERATOR - DRAGON. Garbage perpetual Adam.

1. The processing of raw materials in a huge pit with a water jacket, where giant DT is placed.

2. Starting and idling is provided by compressed gas produced in the pyrolysis process

3. Detonation tube has a thermal emission in both parties - net (photon) toward the entrance, we use for heating the reactor synthesis - gas consumable itself DT. For this purpose, paraffin and watered sludge is pumped from the first vessel into the reactor. This process is regulated by additional injection of cold water.

4. All the thermal energy of the process, superheated (acute) steam from the outside, heat exchange loop through line wrapped around the pipe is supplied to the steam-gas turbine, producing electricity and heat.

5. Outgoing hot gases passing through again a second vessel with water purified and sent to the greenhouses or the production of algae, and hot water is circulated for heating purposes.

6. The system consists of simple standard components with increased reliability.

7. The only disadvantage - the event is noisy and hot, so, ideally, need to go down entirely underground, with minimal support staff.

Рис. 4

The complex allows organizing life anywhere in the world using only the waste. All processes are rounded and closed in cycles. Degradation of heat, coupled with the pulsating detonation produces energy, heat, and fuel for the needs of the economy and transport from the inexhaustible source - garbage, domestic, ordinary. In a simple sense - it is the perpetual motion - waste perpetuum. Organic waste and plastic, as long as we are alive, do not lose anything.

5. Island cooperation. New high-quality combination.

Pioneers and pensioners.

Quality - a generalized property of things to find and maintain meaningful (target) Sustainable complication and of course, directly related to an increase in the amount does not have, but rather the number of substitutes; the number of items, labor, "metal", and energy consumption for a specific process. This occurs at the junction of the elements; energy (fast) processes, ethnic clashes, with the threat of the existence of an individual or a community in the art, it is a tricky weaving in the old structure with a new purpose and properties at the level of science - a new pattern consisting of a combination of the preceding. Itself the "quality" of high-energy - requires "Upload" of a certain amount of material, energy and information in a special design, but in the future it is always preferable, advantageous in its properties –more consistent and economical. Movement to a new level is a cyclic, a new level is based on the old (previous absorbing) - so built up and multiplied life.

Island in our subconscious, has sacred meaning - a heavenly solitude while reunification with virgin nature, where there is peace and harmony, pristine idyll, unencumbered necessity and concerns. Lush colors, intoxicating smells evoke a man's bodily sensuality. He organically feels in unity, its dual (the devil) entity - the divine plan and the earth (animal) origin. Here, every sensual nature, the sound of the sea waves, hears the cosmic symphony harmony of nature.

Many harried souls, at least in their dreams, mentally willing to hide in the woods or on the island thus returning to the first-born, natural bosom. But serene and carefree contemplation and enjoyment of bird chanting - is not life, but rather - a short break in the campaign to catch his breath. Life - a strong feeling, uncontrolled movement and change, and the struggle to overcome the circumstances and chance, predetermine our actions, a series of historical events, and new forms for eternal categories. Therefore, the life of the individual, we must be held accountable, but the existence of a temporary bridge kind and nature. Only aggregate being, should be taken as "real" (significant), timeless (eternal) - the absolute existence.

For me the ultimate dreamer and visionary, an ardent anti-Bolshevik, but a convinced "adviser", the idea of the future of human society begins with the small, away from the hectic hustle and Southerners, somewhere in the Altai, in the east, in Siberia, in the North. Where there is no falsehood and haste, where breathing is free, where healthy thoughts are born, feelings are very frankly, where the sacred spirit of white civilization dwells.

Russian, the skeleton of the white race, the military wing (in the presence of a small detachment peasantry, the Old Believers and special troops - clergy, the Church Fathers), preserved in spite of the heavy historical fate, divine form of radiant faces in healthy bodies and folding - with a clear mind and open hearts are in his melodious language and customs, cult Urs, grandparents and demigods, and in particular the respect for nature and the spiritual, compassionate towards all living things.

Japanese are direct opposite to Russian - painfully polite at first (rough) look "score and enchanted" - special, concealed (concentrated and very stressful) life form, obviously, which was the result of a brutal struggle for existence, Alien, "Russian-ness" appearance, movement , impulsive speech, huge overcrowding and the consequent activity outgrow as usual in aggression or depression, if the latter contained. And, given the cruel historical confrontation could enroll them into enemies of the Russian world, if not a few "funny" misunderstandings. Japanese (after our Old Believers) is the system (collective) people - living according to strict traditions and verified, with a special (refined to painful) feeling of nature and beauty. In the blood of the Japanese, and also a sense of duty, honor and responsibility for the actions. Be truthful and calm - subordinate rules, especially the unwritten - streaming Japanese feature, along with a fantastic ability to work, makes the concept of "Japanese economic miracle" an honest and endorses phenomenon in world history for the Russian heart. Before our eyes, a small country has transformed into a leading economic power, while maintaining, at the same time, their national identity. "Japanese quality" - is the pinnacle of human development in depth. There is a lot to learn and a wide field for fruitful cooperation. The deeper we delve into the culture and society of the Japanese unit, the darker introduce us, our home, "Vladimir Central" (like a bombed area) with horrible picture of ruined and disappeared villages with population of losing their roots and traditions, is in the amorphous state of the slow extinction.

Modern Russia, torn by wars and the Bolshevik experiment over the people, slightly recovered, but the recovery is still far. Social perpetuum - creative interaction of diverse energies, instead of useless confrontation will lead our progress towards a peaceful and joyful cohabitation, less strained and more meaningful to have curative effects on the economy and the state of mind of both nations. Russian and Japanese, of course, complement each other, the high-energy and very cheap to, like wheat (Russian) field and irrepressible (Japanese) bees that collect nectar from flowers and recycling it in the most useful products, promote fertility. For purposes of clarity, I propose the following formula friendship, based on reciprocity, in the title of the article. Pioneers (valiant solar energy) and pensioners (concentrated experience) playfully designed birdhouse (building a new type of human lives settlements existing on higher laws of creation, without straining the natural environment and evolving into the depths and breadth of the natural universe).

In practice, it should look like a large-scale eco project with Komsomol enthusiasm - construction JapanCity in the reservations - in the Altai, where, apparently, is the source of Slavic and Turkic families that gave rise to the Eastern world. These places - mystical and beautiful unique (beauty - a sign of divine content). The initiative must come from the awakening of Russia - from the King, and I hope the idea will appeal to Japanese pensioners, full of strength and knowledge.

Preference for the old Japanese is easily explained; Old age is not a biological misunderstanding (as considered idiotic, Western culture) and the highest form of personal development, which combines real life experiences with the acquired knowledge. The elder is always closer to the wisdom and God, he full of responsibility and understanding of the complex relationships of the events, he is cautious and prudent, unpretentious, he hears the breath of eternity. Word of the Elder in the Caucasus is a rule. "A wise old man... Wizard, beloved of the gods," in Russian culture, was the bearer and custodian of all the deep and holy to mass intoxication and poisoning revolutionary. In Japan, the glory of God - the veneration of age and seniority in the family, the community - the norm. A Japanese pensioner - to paraphrase Comrade Saahov (Caucasian Captive) – is a "warrior" and "environmentalist" and "noble reaper." Expanding areas of cooperation, we get away from the nipped problem of ownership of the islands inhabited since ancient times, sweet and pacified the Ainu in the direction of universal values. Islands in anticipation of the new, tight-knit world of "The Sea" – seafood – world ocean as a new life area of growing humanity.

Bulk list of a dozen local, self-sustaining, starting projects;

1. Russian-Japanese research center, which will be studied Soviet inventions and Japanese technology - Technology Center combined with education and innovation activities in the form of modern cluster - city of young scientists and technicians (Novosibirsk, Omsk, Tomsk, Russia)

2. State Company "recycler", "industrial waste", "wasted technical devices" the exchange, processing under a single management.

3. Seafood for every day diet, a large-scale study and development of marine resources (ships, programs, institutions) and the Isle of Vladivostok.

4. Robots with a human face (live robot with human control, which will replace the physical presence and lead to the explosive development of Siberia).

5. Ethno - civilization. The idea of a decent life in harmony with the environment in the national culture - the city-state of the villages. Return to natural, high-quality (without noise and dust).

6. Institute of living life - biotechnology aimed at replacing the "chemistry" on the whole.

7. "Home - Garden" - the house in which the beauty is cultivated and products are grown with their own hands - creating new standard of living in daily communion with nature. ("Ikebana" in the housing and communal services).

8. Transport of the future.

It is important to note that all this must be done at the state level and with decent financing.

Natural to assume that participation will comprise all nations.

Japanese - a people of tradition and hidden (protected) entities. Russian - is combined with God's Word and spirit, open and beautiful community, located in the eternal (fearless) campaign to new heights. "Free Spirit" and "sense of proportion" - not contradictory, and different quality and blends well.

6. Chinese project. Labor – Quite a billion. Economic perpetuum.

Energy of the masses to the creative and economic development.

It's time to make a normal, human well-being, pure technology. It needs; revolution, the mantra of success, well, the more a declaration of war dark forces ("poor Jews" for his ability to make money and manage bad masses suffer the inconvenience). Too much honor - will make do with simple neglect. Increasing technical power, advanced technology and experience of life, allow converting all mankind to the next level - reasonable sufficiency within the cultural traditions and a healthy reproduction peoples.

Every time has its place and specificity. The present is predetermined content of the previous imposed, events. Future - is formed by our deeds as a complex game of plans, will and chance. The ability to anticipate and invent the future is given the fortune-tellers and good experts. The need to participate in the structuring of your future today and now, due to the increased number of human and dangerous, uncontrollable processes in finance and international relations, with a heap of the current problems in the field of environmental, labor, and distribution. Urgent task is to overcome confrontation and to save mankind from the perspective of planetary catastrophe. As the top task - we must unite in an honest society, albeit with different faces. At least we have to overcome poverty, hunger and disease - that cruel necessity which irritates and makes us miserable and helpless. The first task should be delegated to the higher people; educated, responsible and gifted by God. To our great regret, money rules the world, under the guise of the newly elected demagogues who do not care for real life. Since I had not the honor to be among the "higher", and "happiness" to be in the range of "selected", the fate decrees pull heavy burden of uncomfortable life together with the bulk of the workers. In this regard, the idea of honest labor and life in the big and just state, for me, the most dear and fascinating.

Project World State - New World - a version of a simple Soviet engineer. Constructed based on the Soviet experience (the most ambitious and largely successful, global project) - economic (economic) perpetuum.

A world where there is a place for all living things - the order and beauty, harmony and creativity, joy and health.

The Russian idea. Live according to conscience and in harmony, content with natural, sufficient, use simple, according to the rule - the most useful is the best. Russian prehistoric life and customs – free from such items of miserable necessity as money, profit, and customer demand – continue to live in the minds of the Russian people today. Therefore, Russian world with all my heart opposes "capitalismus" and mercantile individualism.

So; our large construction teams, focused to build fair and prosperous society; modern, but traditional settlements in the new lands, will require:

Faith, backed by the will, the desire to learn and to join forces and capabilities..

Chinese - energy (Russian have suffered through, we need, easy, creative idea - "Northern Lights")

American money (Jewish) as the mutual contributions are allowed and welcome.

German standards and the state machine..

Japanese quality.

Korean performance.

Universal Principle - reasonable sufficiency.

Military structure and vertical subordination of the security forces.

We need to follow the way of an amazing, unique, natural, human-machine, where all systems are subject to a single organism by function - there is free will, but there is no freedom of action. Person acts necessarily and rationally, but the joy of life is not alien to him, so the song is in the process now, and the chorus of the feast, dance, and magic rites - later - as later as possible. Life by the tradition of the most reasonable and intact.

Consider a general sketch of the model of universal (without spatial registration) interethnic progressively developing state-based anti-poverty, the creation of a system of affordable education and social inclusion of people in useful work, using techniques that exclude damage to nature and to human health.

Plan for the mass overproduction - mass overproduction according to plan. The larger the system, the easier it is to plan and manage, the more opportunities to substitute, combining and complementing - in this way, along with the socialist educational system is the secret of Stalin's industrialization, and creatively modified caught by the Chinese comrades.

The basic principle – if there is a person - there is land, housing and decent work. The rest to the best of wishes.

The man is not looking for something to do and how to feed your family, but is in the public service, arranged through the best planning process that combines high quality and performance, through involvement in the system of the best private companies - state order. If a person is creatively active and capable of more - the better, it will complement the system with his solutions and deeds.

The state, according to a unitary plan, creates a modern enterprise - settlements, taking into account national, geographical and religious backgrounds, where each member of the community is involved in active practice for decent wages, much of which goes through a unified social package- nutrition, health care, education, housing, family support, and pensions.

The supreme body - the council of elders - the best people, the sons and patriots, nominated by the people and history, approved by vote. All decisions on them.

The main tool of management - Planning Institute, manufacture, consumption and development as one and the whole. On the spots, the headman and the Cossacks (in the Russian version). Reporting – Industrial basis, Management – Regional basis. Officials outside the case, speculators and loafers - none.

Convertible unit - ruble, Yuan cash, reserve euro. In the future, a firm rate of exchange with the ruble, rupee, euro and dollars.

The system starts with concentration of will and spirit, strong people in a single, slim, healthy, reasonable body, knowing moderation, conscience and God. Knightly Order of people of business- and honor.

They are not hard to find from the general series, they have a different opinion, thoughts and deeds.

The State Order out from the center, which is based on the new (honest) money, sets in motion the wheel of life.

Where to take the finance? It is necessary to remember that the money reflects the needs and wishes of the people, for calculating standard units, in the form of goods, services, now more and more applied to entertainment, created by labor, using available resources and established technologies. As you can see; category is dynamic, highly complex, irrational.

To establish, for a successful start, tidy (refreshing) the amount of $ 30trln. Taken from the "ceiling", but not by an accident.

As a reminder, a rough estimate of the raw wealth of Russia is exactly the same amount. Let’s risk on venture (print raw the first 10trln "conversion" roubles) and let in circulation (We will take them as payment for our resources to new development projects and developed infrastructure in exchange of resources). Around 4 trillion are Chinese currency reserves. Interested countries-India, Iran, Brazil, Japan, Korea and other solvent countries will complement the total cash to the second ten. Given unclaimed human resources in the amount of 100 million (at the initial stage, further -more), at 1000 currency units salary per month (averaged over the added value in the process of modern labor), for 10 years of the project we will obtain approximately another virtual gold coin. And this big and appetizing gold coin will be used to come to terms with the Jews, for them to hand over the new management against our honest word. Instead, they receive shares in the new strong, state-owned companies, and confidence in the future. Fortunately, they have the experience of converting future growth in their personal wealth by distributing of papers, with gloomy faces of the dead, American presidents at "divine" interest rate. We share only what was earned in compliance with the contract and the extent of participation. Everyone’s invited: countries and companies, capitals and intellect.

Simplistically, it looks like this; International - a supranational system, with symptoms of the state, creates a new comfortable territory for quality life, booking the required from the best manufacturers. Each region has the public sector (government order), and complete freedom of action in the rest. To plan and to build at a large scale - is easier and cheaper and faster. Structuring is a profitable business - people who are in poverty and inactivity will acquire education, employment and property due to the state and raised funds. This requires land, resources, and interaction. Let's start with the barren land (painful experience makes even smarter and stronger). Bank of resources will be Russia, Kazakhstan, Iran, Venezuela - a united front. Chinese, Japanese and Korean economic power with the support of the American dollar in the trinity (resources, finance, and cooperation) will be a powerful force for change and development.

Mobilization of the economy, backed by national unity have proven to be the highest efficiency in the examples of explosive change in the recent history. America and Germany, the USSR and Japan, Israel, Korea, China, Brazil, India and other countries transformed within just one generation at the expense of self-organization and the target, tough decisions. As practice has shown in Stalin, Soviet period - the rise of the spirit of collectivism, for the Russian people is more productive and optimistic force, rather than a market economy. Now, when the world is open and transparent, it is necessary to overcome the state individualism, national opposition and move to a new, less dramatic and more humane development based on knowledge and good will. Combining, the world of technology, energy, mass, mixed with good education and state planning we get a new race - statesmen, living according to the norms of honor and respect to all foreign. Consent and cooperation – are the basis of such a community, must be understood as mutual understanding and jointly overcome. The primary task of the leaders of modern times, on the way to such a union should be the preservation and development of their land, culture, faith and priorities left us by our long-suffered ancestors. To ensure the continuity of generations, spiritual principles and identity, avoiding confrontation and strife - perpetual civilization – is a task for the most powerful and Responsible leaders.

If we will make it properly, we will get a powerful new nonprofit wing, supra-state sector of the economy and development. Let's start with the arrangement of Siberia and northern China, habitation desert (Sahara, Mongolia. Australia) - and the employment of millions of young people, the peoples of the East. Huge desert territories with irrigation systems will be the first audacious and ambitious development projects.

Growing honest and healthy economy, in case of the use of emerging, wonderful technology, will reshape vain capitalism into the community of well-being, peace of mind, the new transnational structures and social projects - simple human happiness with family and friends, with free travel and cultural exchange. Unity and promotion of diverse civilization should be based on the development of indigenous culture of ethnic groups and orders adopted in various existing states. Breaking is impossible - to attach neatly and complete construction is correct. After a decade, the costly development, it is expected to transfer the system to a permanent "space" orbit, because, thanks to the Almighty - water, land, energy and opportunities galore.


I suggest listening to the mumbling that lives in my "trash" consciousness without any editing. Muddled thinking (the result of electrocution brain injury in childhood) in addition to a mixed national origin and suffering (Russian) soul - that's what has lead to such ugliness. At the same time we’ll manage to clarify the diagnosis.

Attic is slightly cornering at turns. But I try my best; compose stoves and “draw” articles, devise generators (not to be considered a parasite), and I do my public service, to feed the children.

My alarm rap (delusional chatter)

"We the People, even though the animals, understand the Word; feel Kinship,

No goals - there is a way and the life.

Do not look for the meaning, but scan a plan.

The substance grows out of the ether, the mind perceives worlds.

The road narrows - louts come on,

Fate thickens - people mute and turn nailed to asphalt.

Energy springs raw materials in bulk and a sea of water.

Sewage clogs - civilization smears,

Nature is torn - the soul trembles.

Walk astray - getting lost in the ideas, lose the rest - deafened by the noise.

Will raise head, hands joined,

Eyes on God, in unison for Space flight."

Out of this lump of discrete thoughts, I had a hard time organizing the knowledge and experience under the uplifting music of Bach (Christmas Oratorio), and have compiled an article so that these heavy thoughts would not oppress me anymore, and young friends may use it as amusing and useful tool for expanding horizons and interests. Do my ideas will become a real life? Time will show.

The eternal question: Is there life on Mars? (can there be an option of "gratuitous" energy generation?) the reply in Russian will be - yea, of course! Without dreams and freebies there is no way for us.

As for the Russian question - when are we going to live in a human way? – I will suggest an answer - start with yourself, and do it (find yourself).

Energy, as well as its living form - the Spirit of God - within us, is around us - everywhere. World is a space of self-organized energy (motion), having a way to sustainable existence in the form of matter and development method, featuring complexity and management of in living cells programmed initially, but out of time. Cells are living communities that are united in the body and in uniform, complex (joined) creatures. Use of these flows of energy and spirit of peace, requires the assistance of reason, faith and will. And the resources, money and prosperity are mere derivatives. The main (the only continuous) mode of motion is circular (vortex) with the possibility of the integration of individual, stable vortices in a scale movement. The reverse process - destruction, explosion should not be ruled out. In the mad flow in a straight line - we are moving nowhere, into the abyss, with a high probability to disappear.

If we want prosperity, health and happiness - we must, first of all, stop the shootout race and go to a moderate, peaceful form of existence, returning to our roots (to our circles), in harmony with the earth's nature and in harmony with the heavenly spirit. Amen. (aoum)

[1] Jav, Prav and Nav Yav (Jav), Prav and Nav (Navi) are three worlds described in the Book of Veles. References to them became popular among Ukrainians and Russian neopagans. All three combine into Triglav that governs the Universe. Yav is the material world in which we are right now. Gods however are equally part of Yav. Yav is contained within Nav. Nav (Navi) is the immaterial world, the world of the dead. Stars, which are the souls of the dead, as well as Svarga and Irij, are parts of Nav. Prav is the law of Svarog that governs both Yav and Nav. Modern parallels to this concept are laws of physics, but there is one big difference. The law that says that a stone falls when dropped is not only a mere observable fact: it is rightful, good and just that stones fall to the ground when dropped. A somewhat similar belief today is anthropic principle, but it only states that laws of physics are useful. This concept is similar to Dharma in Hinduism and Buddhism. Source,_Prav_and_Nav
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