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Our beautiful and self-sufficient Motherland - the Country of Glorious Rusics and hundreds of naturalized peoples and nationalities living in one language, is again in an unsettled and unstable situation.

We entered a new era. Technical, communication and intellectual capabilities of our civilization have made a fundamental revolution in the economy, life and social sphere. Events multiply, cycles are shortened, processes are accelerated - the world is integrated in dynamic and information flows.

The main driving force behind this accelerated development is the synergy of the three known constituent factors;

The accumulation of knowledge due to the continuous advancement of human thought in the depths of the universe and how the materialization of this knowledge is a set of breakthrough technologies, an increase in the population of the Earth, an engineering class and, in conclusion, modern fabulous communication and information technologies. The future has burst into reality and in some areas we are not aware of and are not in control of turbulent social and economic processes.

However, life in Russia, thanks to the "democratic transformations", has lost the Soviet social foundations of social order, and the new capitalist (now shyly called "market") leads to a stable degradation of society and the state. The shameful low standard of living is a catastrophic demographic situation - the lack of strategic plans and the loss of high ideals of justice and humanity. Most of our people have accepted this, the other has comfortably adapted, and the third cannot recognize such an end of the Russian world and are looking for a new way to eternal values.

For half a century, in one or two generations, some countries flew several socio-historical formations and from the Middle Ages found themselves in a post-industrial way. And we are stuck and confused. There is no coherent idea and a whole multi-level development plan. Our pathological sluggishness and chronic semi-poor state of the economy should be overcome in the shortest possible time by reorganizing the government, developing and introducing qualitatively new forms of economic activity.

Some thinkers and figures are struggling and trying to wake up society, but such an irrational reality, when the richest, powerful and talented country is not scraping, always creaking, and living standards in an alien environment of developing third world countries, it is necessary to ban, cancel and forget forever. This is my will and many of the Tumens of my compatriots. We must declare war on mismanagement, poverty and vegetation - not to face it. I devote this article to these issues.

In order to make the necessary transformations, let's look more closely at the causes of our turmoil against the backdrop of global trends.

Our troubles:

1. Large spaces (time flows more slowly) - another dimension. It is more difficult to manage and fit into the port-city, commercial and industrial economy, which repeatedly tries to push us back to the marshes and shores of the Arctic Ocean.

2. Huge natural and intellectual resources - excessive power. You can fool around with impunity – the problem arises, fester for decades, sometimes it dissolves by itself. Our people will endure everything.

3. Adapting to market (monetary) relations, we crowded into big cities, condemning to a silent death the village, the peasant life and the foundations of Russianness - mores, strength of mind, health.

Dangerous world trends, which our leadership "successfully" ignores;

1. We are moving into a new reality, characterized by the redundancy of the aggregate capabilities of mankind in production and consumption, the reverse side of this phenomenon we have environmental problems and structural and social (rubbish, excess money, shrinking jobs and crowds of degrading idlers).

2. Threatening and dangerous global processes - massive movements of people due to the impossibility of self-maintenance of oneself by work, food and water.

3. The increase in tensions due to extreme income polarization both within countries and in the world scenario - there is no just world order - there is no universal conciliation unifying centre - there is no viable structure of the opposing globalization that drives us at high speed into Tartarus (or hell).

And the main conclusion; We fell out of the general flow, with all the necessary conditions for growth and development, we barely resolve the pressing problems, left people, villages, regions, branches of the national economy to the mercy of fate, drifting indifferently in world currents. The problem of the weakening and dying Russia is not being addressed.

The world in different parts of the world has huge and intangible resources, knowledge, capabilities. If we find a healthy form of cooperation, reduce costs, unify air (high-speed and universal), maritime (large-tonnage and cheap) transport and move to reasonable sufficiency through the formation of a new, healthy (Russian) standard of life, then we can make a throw to the general well-being and harmony of peoples And states. Such here, the next, modern idea fix - technical communism, as a natural integral result of engineering thought and a new harmonious form of human community. Synthesis of unlimited possibilities and moderate consumption at the highest quality. Do I need an idea, a manifesto, a struggle for this? I do not think so; I want to believe that the result of previous wars and catastrophes, racial confusion and interpenetration of cultures and customs can and should be a stable form of universal morality and order, where each national melody will enter into a harmonious, pathetic symphony.

And the main violin in this symphony should be we, the people of the Russian hermitage, sewn with the idea of justice, always placing common interests above personal ones.


The increased technical strength and abundance of goods and services observed in developed countries allows us to take the next step and get a new quality: to move to a different type of economy - from market-oriented to profit and cost reduction, to a diversified one, where old and good communal orders will be combined, Machine-capitalist production and military-state administration of regions and power structures. The latter should solve the main issues of healthy, happy and conflict-free cohabitation of different peoples and associations, guided by the ideas of justice and discretion.

1. The abundance at the present level of industrial and scientific potential is a solved issue, and the integral power of our civilization tends to grow in any historical period - which is quite accurately designated as "progress." All processes tend to develop, and the living world has incredible fertility and vitality. Human civilization, thanks to its intelligence, can not only adapt to any external conditions, but also to equip the external environment for a beautiful life and the main resources - nature, society and knowledge.

2. To the marvellous information technologies the humanoid (trained) robotics join, capable not only of doing better and faster heavy, monotonous work, but also in a new way to organize complex activities with remote employees and anywhere in the world with huge productivity.

3. Rapid promotion of highly efficient technologies and development of territories is hampered by expensive air transport, interethnic barriers, and excessive competition. Dishonest game in the field of finance and income redistribution generate new endless problems - here, too, we will have to counteract.

And so: what will we use to create new forms of community livelihoods to raise the level and quality of life of the disenfranchised majority.

The main formula of the Russian decision is to provide reasonable - human prosperity in a planned military order and give freedom of action to the talented and active in the rest. A high level of education and technical equipment of enterprises is provided, personnel movement and specialization are supported, large regional projects and high technology are financed. Are created the regions woven into a single economic and cultural complex on the basis of mutual complementation and joint development.

1. Planned economy with a new function - public procurement of certified (quality) goods and services for a single sufficient security, while they must be brought to the highest level of requirements for working conditions, payment and environmental standards. The main criterion should be not the minimization of production costs, but the well-being of the region, the collective, the people, and the development prospects.

2. Involving new numerous inactive masses of people and vacant regions of the earth in a fruitful economic activity. Naturally, this should be done through the implementation of large-scale development projects, where the main driving force will be the creation of favourable spaces and high-performance enterprises.

3. Creation of large regional educational and technological centres, taking into account national and other peculiarities, to create a new world caste of moderate, active and healthy, friendly, educated and multilingual workers and highly professional specialists speaking, thinking and living in Russian - Russian billion.


All sober specialists notice the main threat looming over our statehood (integrity) is the depopulation, degradation and determinism of the society (the practical absence of common goals, if we do not take into account the populist projects of hollow Kremlin strategists.) Russia will not recover if it does not put the triune The task is the reunification of Russian lands and people, the revival of the village and natural life, the increase in the population as a titular component and a different, borderline, related The idea of creating an ethnic Russian billion is mystical, absurd and defeatist, and we add to the heap - passivity, slowness and liberal "ideological drunkenness" - are deadly to us. "Slender ideas, Military rhythm and real landmarks - we lost this in the last perestroika Sabbath and cannot find our place in the world market booth.

Integration and unity, as a global trend, we - the Russians, should promote in the opposite direction - from ourselves, from our roots and conform to our traditions, for we are the centre and the area of crystallization of the highest values of justice, moderation, goodwill.

The Russian billion as a new form of international statehood and the consolidation of different peoples who have sympathy for us and have a kinship with our free and natural nature is a fully realized project with multifaceted forms and continuous development. The best; Worthy and prudent, industrious and purposeful, we are natural to our Russian diverse family for the good and without compromising our sovereignty and security.

The creative activity of millions of people whose livelihoods (education and economic leap), we have enough resources, knowledge and everything else, will help us solve all the pressing problems without tearing and losing. For simplicity, in modern terms, we need to create a networked Russianness and a universal statehood, which by definition can only be military - the Horde - organization, clan, the order. People of honour voluntarily go to the Horde, serve and receive salaries, make money, acquire property and weight in society - develop interaction between common and private interests on the basis of simple provisions.

As the first and victorious roll to new heights I consider the implementation of the state program for the development of transport aviation and engineering and construction paramilitary units composed of young, strong and suffering people of our Eurasian community. The people are enough; the territories - the darkness, tasks and applications - cannot be counted. Russian rule.


The main striking force of this project is the Russian paramilitary transport aviation and engineering and construction troops operating on criteria other than market ones and standards. We apply the Soviet experience.

The main energy (driving force) basis will be the unfolding of the vast and diverse potential of different regions, nations and successful companies.

The main idea will be development through mutually beneficial cooperation on the basis of mutual understanding and solidarity, the creation of active and prosperous regions of a new Russianness – the territory of the Russian spirit and speech, order and well-being, integrated into the Russian statehood through government bodies.

Aviation solves the problem of activation of any region of Russia and connection with other points of the earth; Whether it is a powerful enterprise or vice versa - a depressed region with a human and other resource. Financing (purchase and leasing of boards) is budgetary. Fuel – is own (at its cost).

Specialized construction teams decide the issue of creating a prosperous infrastructure. Financing through the formulation of long-term contracts.

I foresee the crooked grin of the modern bourgeois and the power man with the question of where to get the money and whether we are able to do anything real and ambitious at all. It is not necessary to take money, they need to be created by labour, applied to resources and consumption and various financial instruments. Money like space (markets), profits and investment guarantees. We are the only country in the world with unlimited bio resources, energy resources, land, water and scientific and technical personnel. It is only necessary to launch a machine for economic growth through the development of regions and the movement of capital. Our sovereign essence will be the best guarantee of stability and order. In addition to our state levers, we will apply a new universal system of raising regions, regions and territories by attracting free human, material and natural resources. Our national wealth, when combined with the energy of young and strong, will become the driving force of explosive development. I will repeat; For this, strict discipline, planned economic activities, transportation and the involvement of new human and financial resources in integrated projects are required. Let me remind you that in the world there is an excess of money, production capacity, tens of millions of qualified specialists who have found themselves out of the vicious market economy out of work. We have a successful Soviet experience of activating the masses and involving them in the common cause (industrialization and construction teams).

We are the richest country and it's time to turn our spiritual and intellectual power into the well-being of the people and show the world the advantages of the state structure.

The best form of international cooperation and strengthening of friendly relations is participation in large life-affirming projects. I propose to take this for consideration the living of the greatest desert of the world - the Sahara and its transformation into a blossoming new formation of the united Arab and African population. The task is almost impossible, given the size and complexity of the problems of the Arab world, and therefore the real from the Russian root "worth". Africa and the divided and numerous Arab worlds are the most dangerous points of the planet. The largest and most audacious project will be an adequate reaction to the creeping problems of overpopulation, water shortage and living space, which, one way or another will turn into violent bloodshed and mass uncontrolled migration. That's where the forces and technologies should be directed, there is room for will and deeds. In addition to the scope of the task and issues of harmonizing interests in this project, there is nothing insurmountable. To create infrastructure and irrigation systems, and to bring the best that our technical civilization has made, the rest will be equipped with internal forces.

But I propose starting a large health improvement project from my own land, my walls and with my neighbours and kindred peoples. The philistine opinion that Russia has no friends and allies is deeply mistaken and extremely harmful, for it exposes us as certain "Siberian monsters" that do not fit into the "civilized world" at all. We live in a self-limited space, we constantly press ourselves to the ground and conduct a defective, defensive policy, moreover, where there are no equal and only we possess power and truth, resources and a scientific and technical basis for the development of joint activities. It should also be noted that the core for the unification of peoples should be cultural, linguistic and blood relationship and the ground for the germination of various fruits of cooperation is a community of interests.

Our allies were and are peoples for whom traditional values are superior to expediency. We must cooperate with kindred peoples, be present where not everything is bought and sold, where there is conscience and sunny Russian. In three steps we will establish relations with the Finns and Hungarians, Bulgarians and Moldovans, Irish and Icelanders. It is even easier to involve Kazakhs and Mongols, Kirghiz and Pashtuns, Pamirians and Nepalis in the common house. It is necessary to pull Russian Jews and Armenians closer to Russia, to support Russian traditional Islam.

In one step the question of Russians - Byelorussians, Ukrainians, Serbs, etc., and also, the Russian Soviet brotherhood - if a person wants to be Russian and ready to obey the Russian laws and regulations, he gets the right to Russian citizenship, and we must take care , So that he had work, housing, property and opportunities for development.

"Why unite?" – for broader opportunities, for land without borders, for conflict-free development, for stamping higher values and humanizing the masses.

Hundreds of new airports, thousands of new modern enterprises focused on the production of quality products and services, tens of thousands of paramilitary engineering units and well-equipped settlements - a ten-million-strong army of young and strong-minded, educated Horde, continuously replenished by seekers and wishing for a better share than prepared by the global soulless Economy - this is the basis of another Russia. Men's brotherhood and great goals are needed by the young and strong, and not by the Lexus and other showing-off. Russia will revive in a campaign to new heights - such is the genetic code of the Russian people. So as not to commit “Euro-follies”, we will go slowly, thoughtfully, teaching the language, traditions, caressing masculinity and moderation, solidarity and benevolence. For this, it is necessary to nominate responsible, experienced husbands from their ranks and form a new class of statesmen, focusing on will and knowledge.

P.S. All puny and free - just look and be afraid - Russian technology. Soviet era. The plane-giant "Ruslan"

For more advanced bastards «The Hidden Soviet Science»

Adamov A.V. Moscow - Yerevan. July 2017.

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